Our journey

Esmée-Rose Age One

My name is Esmée-Rose, welcome to my mummy's website

"My mummy told me that she has started a business for me for when I grow up. I'm really happy that one day I can follow in her footsteps, because my mummy is my hero."

Who we are

baby esmée is a small family business based in Blackpool, UK. We may be new to the scene – but we have been working hard to start a business in the midst of a pandemic. We pride ourselves on great customer service and offering a wide range of baby clothes, accessories, toys, nursery items and more.

Our journey

IVF got this

My name is Tammy, firstly I would like to say thank you for coming to visit our little website. It's taken a lot of hard work and time to get where we are, but the journey has definitely been worth while.

The business was thought up after our little miracle, Esmée-Rose was born.

My partner Chris and I couldn't conceive naturally after the devastating news that I had endometriosis. At first we were crushed, thinking that was the end for our hopes of having a child together, but it’s not all bad news when it comes to endometriosis (apart from the pain side of it) - and the good news is there’s a lot we could do about it.

maybe baby

We were told that even though the journey to conceive may be a little lengthier for women with an endometriosis diagnosis, with the right treatment many go on to have healthy, viable pregnancies.

In September 2016, we decided to choose a clinic in Wales, called CRGW. The choice just felt right, and as my nan always told me always go with your gut, and always follow your heart. So we went for our first consultation and got a plan in place for our treatment.

A new whirlwind of emotions came with that! There was no need for birth control medication as my blocked tubes meant there was no chance we could conceive naturally. A few short weeks after, the fertility injections started.

Despite the heart wrenching journey to get to this point, everything finally went according to plan!

Baby Maker - IVF Medication

After a few gruelling weeks of countless medication, including tablets, injections and pessaries it was time for egg retrieval.

Egg retrieval happened and they extracted 12 eggs, five of which survived. We ended up with our transfer date five days later on. We planned on transferring one embryo because I was still young and the only problem being my blocked tubes from the endometriosis. Our doctor felt strongly it would work the first time and we should only transfer one.

Out of the five embryos that survived, one had started to hatch on it's own. It was obvious to us that it was our little miracle just too eager to start it's journey in life. So we had our special little embryo transferred and then waited. A very long two weeks.

Made with love and science - IVF

Finally, it was test day! I took the test and we were both stood in the bathroom waiting for the result, it was the most agonising minute of my life! I couldn't bare to look at it. Emotions were high, and you could feel the anticipation in the air.

Chris took the first look, my heart was beating out of my chest, just hoping with everything I had that we finally got the thing we have been putting all our hopes in for what felt like a lifetime.

I'll never forget the look on Chris' face, I knew straight away that it was POSITIVE!

Pregnancy Test - Think Positive

We both cried and hugged each other so tight, we finally got to see them two lines on a pregnancy test!

Many women who feel they are ready to start a family have difficulty conceiving, suffer through multiple miscarriages, or deliver early putting the mother and baby at risk. And many of those discover that they have a condition that could have been treated.

The emotional toll on a woman or couple trying to conceive can be painful. But there can be light at the end of the tunnel, so never give up until you've tried everything you can. ❤️ - Tammy

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